The Best Fortnite 1v1 Map Codes (2024)

Want to duel it out with your friend to find out who’s better? Fortnite’s Creative Mode has tons of 1v1 maps to test your skills. 1v1 build-battles have been an integral part of Fortnite since its launch. Back in the day, the only way to 1v1 was to hop into Playground, drop into Tilted, farm mats, and then set up ramps to start the duel. But, Fortnite has evolved much now. Thanks to Creative, you now have a lot of maps to 1v1 on.

But with so many options, what are the best choices? Well, for something as simple as a 1v1, you can mostly go with anything that you like. However, some maps are better and make dueling a lot easier. Plus, they are updated often to keep up with the changing loot pool of Fortnite. This article will cover some of the best Fortnite 1v1 Maps, from normal 1v1 buildfights to even piece control 1v1s.

Best Fortnite 1v1 Maps - Our Picks

All these maps are chosen based on several factors. These include weapons, quality-of-life features, popularity, and delay. A popular map will help you find queues faster if you want to pair up with a random player. The maps should be kept simple to give you good FPS and low delay.

Apart from build fighting, we have also added maps for box fights, realistic and piece control, so you can choose what you want to improve on. All these maps have players playing most of the time so even if you don’t have a friend you can fight against a random.

1. BHE 1V1 BUILD FIGHTS 💎- 8064-7152-2934

The Best Fortnite 1v1 Map Codes (1)

Map Code: 8064-7152-2934

If you have been playing Fortnite for a while, you are probably familiar with BHE 1v1 Build Fights. For those unfamiliar, this map is the most popular 1v1 build-fight map in Fortnite hands down. With close to 30,000-40,000 players active most of the time.

Why? First of all, the simplicity of the map. There aren't any fancy shenanigans. You grab your weapons hop on the ramp, and duel it out. Secondly, this was one of the first good 1v1 maps when Creative came out, so most players have been playing on this map for a long time. It does its job so well that many players don’t even try another map.

That’s not all, BHE also features a box fight section as well, so you can queue for a box fight 1v1 without needing to load another map. Plus, this is not constricted to only 2 players! You can invite more friends in and enjoy a chaotic FFA.

2. Clix 1v1 0 Delay

The Best Fortnite 1v1 Map Codes (2)

Map Code: 7552-1076-5659

If you are running a mid-to-low-end PC or a console, then you are probably looking for a map that gives you the highest FPS and lowest delay. For this reason, Clix 1v1 0 Delay is a great option. Even if you have a good rig, there is nothing bad in going for a map that gives you good fps.

It’s not that BHE gives you bad fps, it’s a great map. However, the Clix 1v1 map prioritizes performance more than anything. To explain it more simply, both maps are great in their own respect. If your sole goal is to 1v1 then going for either of these maps will benefit you.

Clix 1v1s is pretty popular as well so you can solo queue on it as well. In terms of features, there aren’t any special gimmicks. All in all, it’s a pretty straightforward 1v1 map.

3. Pandvil 1v1 Boxfights

The Best Fortnite 1v1 Map Codes (3)

Map Code - 0153-8328-7526

Traditional buildfights aren't the only way to display your dominance. While buildfights are a great way to warm up, improve your mechanics, and overall be extremely fun - they are not practical. This doesn’t mean you should skip buildfighting entirely, they are still the best way to improve your mechanical skill. To put it simply, they are not realistic.

You are not going to have unlimited mats in a real game. Plus, you are not going to have a fair start, maybe your opponent already has the height advantage. Then there is also the risk of being third-partied. To put it simply, the boxfight is a crucial skill you need to work on.

Most fights between two good players always end up resolving through a boxfight. Now there are tons of maps out there that you can use to boxfight with your friend. Out of all, pandvil is undoubtedly the best and the most popular. It has preset load-outs you can choose from, instant restarts, and much more. Moreover, thanks to its popularity you can easily find a public queue.

There are also 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 versions of the map so when you are done destroying your friends in 1v1s, queue up for 2v2 and destroy randoms.

2v2 - 6562-8953-6567

3v3 - 7686-1102-4551

4v4 - 0667-8789-2959


The Best Fortnite 1v1 Map Codes (4)

Map Code: 0550-1651-3094

Now that you have two basic tools in your arsenal to start getting better at Fortnite - Creative Buildfights and Boxfights. It’s time to combine these two in a more realistic setting. Your opponent is not going to care whether you are good at boxfights or buildfighting. Therefore, you need to get good at both of these. This is where Speed Realistics is going to be your best friend.

The map works by placing you in recreations of part of the actual map. You are given random loot (predetermined loot is also available) and mats to fight it out. You are your enemy take turns being the attacker and defender. On the attacker side, you are launched towards your enemy to attack them. On the defender side, you have to quickly box up and prepare for the impending attack.

Speed Realistics beautifully recreates actual fight scenarios to help you combine your mechanics and decision-making ability. Adding Speed Realistics to your warmup or training routine is going to greatly benefit your fighting ability. There are 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 versions available as well.

2v2 - 0994-4132-5313

3v3/4v4 - 6377-9831-5843

5. Slow Motion 1v1s

The Best Fortnite 1v1 Map Codes (5)

Map Code - 8534-2582-6519

Now we are moving from chaotic duel maps to more practice-focused 1v1 maps. As the name implies, Slow Motion 1v1s is normal 1v1s but time is slowed down. It’s a great mode to dust off the rust on your building skills if you haven’t played in a while. This is because you are playing a slower-paced game, you have more time to place builds, do edits, and take shots. Even if you are a regular player, you can use this map to try out complicated retakes and building moves.

For example, if you are struggling to master cone jumps, you can try this map and practice the timing of the jump and floor placement. To put it simply, it’s a great map to improve the consistency of your building and aim.

6. Piece Control 1v1s

The Best Fortnite 1v1 Map Codes (6)

Map Code - 8298-6891-9930

Ask any pro player what the important mechanic you need to master to get good at Fortnite and the answer will most likely be Piece Control. For those unfamiliar, piece control means having most of your pieces around the area you are fighting, giving you the ability to navigate more freely. Basic things like placing a cone or ramp in your box are part of piece control.

This is where Piece Control 1v1s will help you. The map works pretty similar to pandvil boxfights but now you are in an even smaller area. This forces you to fight for piece control or you will end up getting edited and shot. It’s a pretty innovative and effective way of building good piece control habits.

7. Raider464’s 1v1 Aim Duel Map

The Best Fortnite 1v1 Map Codes (7)

Map Code - 3029-7883-3701

While having fast building and editing skills is important, it's not going to help you if you miss your shots. Bad aim is a disease we have all encountered at least once in our Fortnite journey. The cure is to just practice but hours of just shooting at bots gets boring. This leads to our next map, which is Raider464’s 1v1 Aim Duel Map.

The idea is pretty simple: you are spawned with 2000 health and the first one to kill the other wins. There is no building, just pure aim. The map also features different scenarios like 50/50 box duels, long-range AR duels, and gliding aim duels (one person shoots the other one dodges while gliding).

It’s a perfect combination of classic aim training and the rivalry of 1v1s.

More Classic 1v1 Map Codes

Our list featured different maps with different ways to 1v1. However, if you are looking for more traditional 1v1 maps here are a few.

1V1 PRO BUILD FIGHTS - 7176-8284-7074

PANDVIL 1V1 0 DELAY - 1469-4297-5714

高性能 1V1 (16 PLAYERS) - 0468-6365-1453

1V1 BUILD FIGHTS! [4.6.4] - 1832-0431-4852

ADVANCED 1V1S 🎯 [OG UPDATE] - 7198-1442-2234

How to Play a Creative Map In Fortnite

The Best Fortnite 1v1 Map Codes (8)

There are two ways you can select and play a custom Creative map. You can either enter the code in the search menu or type the map’s name and, if it's popular, it will come up. Although we recommend using the map codes to get the exact map we are talking about.

Here are the steps to play a custom map in Fortnite.

  • On the top click on the search icon on the left of Play.
  • Then either type the name or the code of the map you want to play and hit Enter.

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The Best Fortnite 1v1 Map Codes (2024)
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