Pollen 2024 RoadMap: (2024)

Building on the Basics While Giving You More

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Now that 2024 is truly in the swing of things, we, at Pollen, have outlined our plans for the coming months. We would like to share our new and improved roadmap with the community and the greater crypto space at large.

With news of Bitcoin ETFs being approved, and general growth and adoption of crypto hitting new all-time highs, it is safe to say the bear market is mostly behind us. It is in these transitional periods that we feel is the greatest opportunity for growth at Pollen, especially with what we have planned.

Pollen is a lot more than just a few useful tools for crypto traders to get a grasp of this fast-paced market, it’s a hive mind of forward-thinking alternative investors, who understand where the future of finance is headed and are proud to lead the way.

Pollen has been renowned for the Pollen Virtual Trading Arena, where less experienced traders can hone their skills, and seasoned experts can verify on-chain that they are indeed masters of the trade.

But more than that, we previously introduced our community to the excitement of trading competitions with Leagues PRO, where friends and colleagues can trade as a group, making online trading a collaborative competitive experience.

Today, we are excited to roll out the next phase of this project, the Crypto Bowl. This will be a unique industry-wide trading competition with plenty of prizes ripe for the picking.

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Additionally, we have been working on making Pollen more accessible and available in the greater crypto space by making a move towards Base and Polygon. We believe, like many other successful projects, going cross-chain is the future of the space where collaboration rules over tribalism.

To date, all of our products have been exclusively built on Avalanche, going forward, they will have full integration with the Base and Polygon networks.

The introduction of the CryptoBowl, as well as the move to be multi-chain, have been announced by Pollen previously, and while part of the Roadmap, these aspects of our growth are nearing completion. It is the next section that is really exciting for the year to come.

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As mentioned above, Pollen is a suite of tools built for a vast array of traders, but to continue offering great services to our community, and to make an impact on those looking for a trading hub, Pollen is proud to introduce two more products coming in 2024.

Pollen Pods: A unique and innovative multi-chain, self-custodial digital wallet and personal portfolio manager. At the moment, MetaMask has between 80% and 90% of the market share. That’s not great for an industry built with decentralization as a cornerstone. With this market set to explode over the next few years, we feel it’s incumbent to build out a newer and better option.

The Pollen DEX: A brand new, state-of-the-art, decentralized exchange with all the bells and whistles that you’d normally find in a centralized exchange. This DEX will be the best of both worlds, user-friendly, and completely secure.

As with the Pollen Virtual Trading Arena, both Pollen Pods and Pollen DEX will have plenty of room for expansion, to build out new features. All three platforms will be naturally compatible and navigable, making the Pollenverse a powerful melting pot for crypto exploration.

We look forward to seeing you on our Telegram and Discord and are excited that you could join us on this amazing journey.

In the fast-moving world of crypto trading, a simplified yet robust portfolio management system is something that has yet to be pinned down. At Pollen, we have been working on creating such a solution, making decentralized finance that is accessible to everyone through intuitive and integrated products.

Enter Pollen Pods: The Algorithm-Optimized Portfolio Manager

As the centerpiece of the Pollen Hive suite of crypto solutions, Pods offers a mobile wallet and portfolio manager. Store assets safely while tracking portfolio performance on the go — Designed for simplicity from the ground up but with enough punch for experienced traders who want a set-and-go solution.

Pods Perfects Portfolio Management

What sets Pods apart is the control you have in a solution that does the hard work for you. Pods takes your initial portfolio build and automatically rebalances it based on market signals and Hive Mind intelligence from the rest of the trading product suite on Pollen.

Signals from Pollen Virtual and the Pollen Exchange, used by thousands of other traders, allow the Pods algorithm to rebalance your portfolio automatically for optimized results.

You can think of Pods as personal indexes that allow you full control over the assets supported while dynamically rebalancing your portfolio based on composite market signals from the Pollen ecosystem.

This offers users a safe and user-friendly way to access volatile crypto markets while retaining full sovereignty over their assets. Unlike Indexes, Pods users have complete control over their portfolio while benefiting from all the portfolio optimization advantages of a managed and dynamically rebalanced selection of tokens. Asset holdings are tracked using the Pods Ledger rather than issuing an Index token.

While built for everyone, Pods packs functionality advanced traders demand within a clean interface. The synergy between Pods, Pollen Virtual, and the Pollen Exchange offers an entire ecosystem of trading possibilities but also extreme simplicity and an all-in-one trading Hive.

Pollen DEX: The Next Step in the Pollen Hive Ecosystem

Pollen Pods represents the latest evolution in our mission to make decentralized finance accessible for all backgrounds. It joins our established virtual trading platform, Pollen Virtual, and our soon-to-be-launched Pollen DEX.

Pollen Virtual provides a risk-free arena for engaging with crypto trading concepts before putting real capital at stake. On top of that, Pollen DEX offers simplified token swapping and liquidity pools harnessing leading DEX technology.

Pods tie these offerings together, enabling traders to manage real-world positions opened on Pollen DEX or external venues. Seamlessly track portfolios and identify trading opportunities within Virtual, then execute strategies on DEX using the same wallet address.

This integration makes the Pollen Hive an essential ecosystem for crypto traders at all skill levels. Provide virtual training wheels in Pollen Virtual, then graduate to real trading with DEX, all tied together via Pollen Pods portfolio management.

Pollen for the Next Million Users

With the Pollen Hive, we believe we’ve created the most integrated and accessible suite of crypto solutions on the market. Position Pollen Pods at the center of your trading world to monitor positions, discover insights, and enable management actions with simplicity and security.

As both crypto adoption and the Pollen platform grow in tandem, Pods, the Pollen DEX, and our already robust Pollen Virtual platform represent the next evolution in portfolio management — a breakthrough for usability and functionality. The future of finance is decentralized, and the tools should empower people.

Trading cryptocurrencies carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Before deciding to trade cryptocurrency you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with cryptocurrency trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor.

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Pollen is a first-of-its-kind Virtual Trading Arena where the community holds all the power. Decentralized finance is designed to be by the people, for the people, and Pollen is acknowledging this by building the first, truly decentralized platform for measuring trading skill and on-chain reputation with its Pollen Virtual suite of products.

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Pollen 2024 RoadMap: (2024)
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