Nizhoni Massage Gun (2024)


  • Nizhoni Massage provides Body work in the comfort of your own home. Travel to Herriman, Draper, Highland, Orem, Provo, Spanish Fork, Saratoga Springs, Eagle ...

  • Improving the mind & bodies well-being

2. Massage Gun | Kosso Nutrition | Voor 20:30 besteld is morgen in huis!

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  • Massage Gun | Kast worden met Kosso Nutrition | Kwaliteit = prioriteit en dit geldt voor al onze producten! | Voor 20:30 besteld is morgen in huis!


4. Massage gun Collini XIS Flathead is voor de allrounder - Findicare

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  • Collini XIS Flathead doet alles wat je wilt, niet te zwaar, gewicht in het midden, goed vast te houden en prettige terugslag

5. Massage Gun - 6 Koppen - Professioneel - Duurzame Dealtjes

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  • Stijve spieren na een dag werken, je bed niet meer uit kunnen komen door hevige spierpijn of ben je echt even toe aan wat ontspanning? Met deze Massage gun ben je binnen no time weer zen! Het Massageapparaat heeft 30 vibratiestanden en 6 verschillende opzetstukjes om elk lichaamsdeel optimaal mee te behandelen. De stil

6. Massage Gun Premium - FITAGE

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  • Jij hebt je eigen reden om gezonder te worden. Bij FITAGE helpen we jou om een gezondere levensstijl te krijgen. Met onze producten heb je een goede start. Maar je krijgt daarnaast ook extra begeleiding en ondersteuning. Samen bereiken we jouw gezondheidsdoelen! Waardoor jij weer gezonder wordt en beter in je vel zit.

7. Nizhoni Jewelry Crafts, 41% OFF |

  • Nizhoni Jewelry Crafts, Hello, my name is Nizhoni Friesz and I am a Tribal ... With deep tissue massage gun, you can get rid of muscle fatigue and pain ...

  • Podemos transformar sua paixão em profissão!

8. Niceey Professionele Mini Massage Gun - Draadloos - Zwart

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  • Wil jij je spieren behandelen met een gerichte klopmassage? Ontspan en kom helemaal tot rust met de Niceey Professionele Massage Mini Gun. Gebruik 5 verschillende massagekoppen om je gehele lichaam aan te pakken. Ga voor een deep tissue massage of warm alleen je spieren op. Gebruik de Turbo Modus voor extra intensiteit

Nizhoni Massage Gun (2024)


What massage gun was recalled? ›

Only the massagers with the model number HHP-715, and only those manufactured in 2020, 2021 or 2022, are involved in the recall. Consumers can identify the manufacturing date via a sticker on the underside of the “barrel,” which contains a four-digit date code.

How do you reset the battery on a massage gun? ›

Things You Should Know

To reset your massage gun, insert a paperclip into the reset button while restarting the device. Your gun may simply need to be recalibrated. Charge your massage gun properly and with a compatible charger.

Is it okay to use a massage gun every day? ›

Benefits of Using a Massage Gun Every Day

Because massage guns work by softly and repeatedly impacting the surface of the skin to stimulate or massage the muscles beneath, they are usually gentle enough to use every day as long as they are used correctly.

Why doesn't my massage gun work? ›

If your batteries are not charging properly, they may not be producing enough voltage to power your gun. If your massage gun is plugged into an outlet but it isn't working, then you should check the battery. If your massage gun has been unplugged for a long period of time, then the battery might be completely drained.

Who should not use a massage gun? ›

People with chronic pain also need to be extra careful with percussive massage. Fredericson says deep pressure could cause pain to flare, especially in those with fibromyalgia. And if a muscle is particularly sore, whether from a workout or stress-related tension, don't overdo the pressure.

What massage gun does Mark Wahlberg use? ›

On Friday, an impressively shirtless Wahlberg, 50, showed off the proper use of the Power Plate Pulse massage gun in an Instagram video. "Mr. Tom Holland, you see this?" Wahlberg barked in the video set in a gym. "This is a massage tool for muscle recovery, nothing else."

What does a red light on a massage gun mean? ›

A: Hello, it means that the massage gun runs out of battery if the charging indicator is flashing red. Please stop it and charge it for 2.5 hours. The indicator will stop flashing afther it charged full. And the percussion gun can run for 3-6 hours after it is fully recharged.

What does E3 mean on a massage gun? ›

E3 Error: Inside of motor drive is overheated and the high temperature exceeds the protection level.

Why won't my massage gun hold a charge? ›

Replace the charger

The first step to take when dealing with charging problems is to replace your massage gun's faulty charger. If the charger is faulty, it can cause your device to not charge properly or at all. Make sure to get a high-quality replacement for optimal performance.

Does a massage gun break up fascia? ›

The massage gun uses percussive therapy to pulse targeted pressure into your muscles at speed helping to break up scar tissue, release the fascia and treat, muscle and tendon conditions.

Can a massage gun get rid of cellulite? ›

Is a massage gun effective in treating cellulite? While massage guns are not a standalone solution for cellulite, they are an effective complement to a holistic approach. Regular use, in conjunction with a balanced diet, adequate hydration, and consistent exercise, can lead to noticeable improvements.

Is there a wrong way to use a massage gun? ›

Not Using The Massage Gun On The Correct Area of The Body

Massage guns are not recommended for use on the spine, neck, head, or face, as these areas are too sensitive for the machine's vibration and can cause serious injury.

Can a massage gun help lose belly fat? ›

It doesn't directly burn belly fat. However, if you exercise and eat a healthy diet, the massage gun can help break up, distribute, and drain fat cells.

How do I know if my massage gun is good? ›

What are some of the important points to take note of when getting your massage gun?
  1. Noise/Sound Level.
  2. Battery Life.
  3. Attachment Heads.
  4. Weight.
  5. Design.
  6. Warranty.
  7. Included Extras.

How do you get the best results from a massage gun? ›

Massage guns are most effective within 48 hours following a workout to help reduce soreness and improve recovery. To use the gun effectively, find an area on your body that feels tight, and start by moving the gun over the bulk of the muscle. “Add pressure as tolerated, but not too aggressively,” Malek says.

Are 87000 massage guns sold at several major retailers recalled because they can burn you? ›

Thousands of massage guns are being recalled in the United States and Canada after one unlucky user was burned. According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, 87,000 HoMedics Therapist Select Percussion Personal Massagers are recalled because they can overheat while charging.

Do percussion massagers have lithium batteries? ›

Percussion Deep-Tissue Massage with 12mm of amplitude. Compact Cordless Design. Extra Swappable 24V Lithium-Ion Battery Pack. Customizable Speed.

Is HoMedics safe? ›

The massagers can overheat while charging, posing fire and burn hazards. As of December 21th, 2023, HoMedics has received 4 reports of overheating while charging, in Canada, and no reports of injuries.

Why does my massage gun keep dying? ›

Common reasons why people deal with a malfunctioning massage gun include low battery levels, dead batteries, a faulty power switch, and even component damage. If you're experiencing any of these issues, make sure to address them right away and take the necessary steps to get your device back up and running.

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