Meet the New Jamba: How This Iconic Brand is Growing Up With Its Guests | Restaurant Magazine (2024)

Heading into its 30th year, Jamba forges the way with balanced menu innovations, new app, refreshed store design and elevated guest experience

Meet the New Jamba: How This Iconic Brand is Growing Up With Its Guests | Restaurant Magazine (2)

Jamba Juice started out in San Luis Obispo, CA in 1990 as a little juice shop with a big idea: that eating better should be easy. For nearly 30 years, Jamba Juice has led the way in creating and defining the smoothie and juice category as we know it. Now, as the category continues to mature and grow, Jamba Juice is ready to evolve to stay one step ahead. Starting June 6, Jamba Juice is simplifying its name to ‘Jamba’ with the tagline ‘Smoothies, Juices and Bowls’ to reflect its wider array of offerings. It’s one of many steps to support the brand’s renewed commitment to more balanced ingredients that will include expanded plant-based options and reduced sugar selections among other innovations. The brand is also launching new store designs, improved digital platforms, and upgrading the in-store experience to delight guests, all while offering the convenience of delicious goodness in a cup at an everyday value.

“We’ve been offering balanced ingredients on the go for almost 30 years and must continue to evolve to meet our guests’ ever-changing definition of wellness,” said Jamba’s President Geoff Henry. “We’re staying true to our heritage as an innovator in the space and refreshing the brand to stay focused on how we can make it easier, better and faster for guests to live a more active lifestyle. We’re proud to have launched the smoothie and juice category three decades ago and can’t wait to join our guests’ wellness journey for decades to come.”

Jamba Moving Beyond the “Juice”

When Jamba Juice started 30 years ago, a juice shop meant something completely different than how our guests see them today. Juices will remain on the menu, but Jamba Juice is shortening its name to reflect its expanded menu that features smoothies, juices, bowls, boosts and fun size on-the-go bites. Our loyal fans have been calling us Jamba for years, but the name change officially kicks off today with updates to our website and menus. Guests can expect to see new packaging and store signage beginning later this summer.

Revamped Menu

Starting today, Jamba will debut a new, modernized menu of smoothies, juices and bowls catering to our broad spectrum of guests. Jamba has made it easier to navigate with clear categories such as Power (enhanced) smoothies, Classic favorites, and expanded Plant-Based items. The menu will see new additions such as the plant-based Vanilla Blue Sky Smoothie and Bowl with beautifully and naturally occurring blue spirulina. Jamba fans will also appreciate the return of the Watermelon Breeze Smoothie, a guest favorite and craveable summertime delight.

Keeping freshness, flavor and our mission to support our guests’ on-the-go lifestyle, Jamba’s reinvigorated menu has been crafted by our culinary experts and an in-house registered dietitian to feature fresh, high quality whole-food ingredients that are free from high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors and artificial colors. And guests can always further enhance any item with boosts that range from whole foods like chia seeds packed with omega-3, or the Vitamin Boost packed with nine essential vitamins and minerals.

The menu at Jamba continues to offer something for everyone, featuring made to order smoothies, fresh squeezed juices, delicious bowls, fresh wheatgrass and ginger shots, steel-cut oatmeal and convenient on-the-go bites and breakfast sandwiches. New menu additions will launch throughout 2019, including expanded plant-based options, reduced sugar selections, nutritious breakfast additions, seasonally inspired items and more.

Jamba Stores Undergoing Makeovers Nationwide

Starting this summer, new Jamba locations will have a modernized design to include the new Jamba logo and whirl, as well as the launch of a refreshed restaurant experience. All new locations will feature an authentic and approachable ambiance inspired by our local juice shop roots. Modern touches of light wood, freshness cues to showcase the real ingredients going in to every made-to-order smoothie, juice or bowl, and colorful and expressive elements to create the perfect backdrop for our guests’ favorite menu items.

The new logo and whirl is a modern interpretation of our classic Jamba logo and features clean, handwritten script, new emerald green brand color and our evolved “Whirl” that draws from the beautiful hues of the fruits and vegetables we use every day.

Existing store remodels will begin adopting the new look and logo later this year.

Digital Accessibility

Additionally, Jamba is revamping its e-commerce platform to be more responsive, easier to access, and faster than ever. Jamba is releasing an all new mobile friendly website and mobile app geared to the on-the-go guest who is looking to access Jamba anywhere. The new app, available for iOS and Android, has been built from the ground up to include the customization and personalization features that our guests have been asking for, including order ahead capabilities, nutritional preferences, integrated gift cards and an all new loyalty program powered by the Punchh platform. Jamba is making our guests’ on-the-go wellness journey even more rewarding than ever before.

We also know guests are looking for their smoothie fix when they want it, where they want it, and how they want it. New national partnerships with Postmates and Uber Eats means added convenience and access to the full menu of Jamba products on-demand. Visit to learn more.

Jamba is the global lifestyle brand leader serving on the go freshly blended fruit and vegetable smoothies, made-to-order bowls, fresh-squeezed juices and shots, boosts and bites. Jamba, through its subsidiaries, is the franchisor of more than 850 locations operating in 36 U.S. states, as well as the Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand and Indonesia. For more information and to stay connected, follow @JambaJuice on Twitter and Instagram or visit

Meet the New Jamba: How This Iconic Brand is Growing Up With Its Guests | Restaurant Magazine (6)
Meet the New Jamba: How This Iconic Brand is Growing Up With Its Guests | Restaurant Magazine (7)
Meet the New Jamba: How This Iconic Brand is Growing Up With Its Guests | Restaurant Magazine (8)
Meet the New Jamba: How This Iconic Brand is Growing Up With Its Guests | Restaurant Magazine (2024)


Why did Jamba rebrand? ›

Jamba said the new name better reflects its menu, which has more than juices. It's expanding its offerings with smoothies, bowls and sandwiches as consumers gravitate toward healthier foods. Jamba's new logo. The company said its loyal fans have been calling it “Jamba” for years.

What is Jamba Juice's mission statement? ›

Our Mission. Making eating better, easier and more fun!

Fuel good food.

What are some interesting facts about Jamba Juice? ›

It was incorporated in 1990 as Juice Club, Inc. in San Luis Obispo. By 1991, Juice Club had expanded to 19 locations by franchising, but Perron later abandoned the franchise model in favor of company-owned stores. In 1995, the chain was renamed Jamba Juice, drawing from a West African word for "celebration".

When did Jamba Juice become Jamba? ›

Also in 2019, the chain changed its name to Jamba to reflect its expanded menu and negative health connotations around the word "juice".

Why did Jamba Juice change their cups? ›

Consumer views inspire environmental policy, which compels companies to switch materials. Seattle's polystyrene ban in 2008 pushed Jamba to find a replacement locally and public support for the alternative stimulated change on the national level.

What is the Jamba controversy? ›

Controversy. Jamba! had drawn criticism for allegedly misleading customers in its service advertisem*nts. In general, Jamba! services were sold as a subscription, despite advertising that seems to imply that customers are buying a one-off phone ringtone.

What is Jamba Juice competitive advantage? ›

Competitive Advantage:

Jamba's most important sustainable competitive advantage is its high quality customer service. The company has devoted significant resources to ensure that all its stores offer a superior customer experience. On visiting any of Jamba's locations, one finds engaging and enthusiastic employees.

How is Jamba Juice socially responsible? ›

In addition to serving “better-for-you” beverages, Jamba Juice also is actively engaged in socially responsible programs, such as its sponsorship of “Team Up for a Healthy America,” a grassroots pledge program designed to engage adults and youth alike in the fight against obesity by living a more active lifestyle and ...

Is Jamba Juice healthy? ›

Some Jamba Juice drinks have more than a full day's recommended allowance of sugar—not a healthy choice if you have diabetes,1 for instance. When enjoyed in moderation and packed with fresh fruits and veggies, some Jamba Juice drinks can be good sources of key vitamins and minerals.

Why is Jamba Juice so high in sugar? ›

If it's got fruit juice, fruit puree, or fruit juice puree, it's got sugar. Because fruit juices and fruit purees are concentrated forms of naturally occurring sugar, they're often added to products to sweeten the taste.

Does Jamba Juice use food coloring? ›

Keeping freshness, flavor and our mission to support our guests' on-the-go lifestyle, Jamba's reinvigorated menu has been crafted by our culinary experts and an in-house registered dietitian to feature fresh, high quality whole-food ingredients that are free from high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, ...

Why did Jamba Juice drop the Juice? ›

Jamba Juice is no more. In June, the smoothie company said it just wanted to be called just Jamba. The company, which has 850 locations around the globe, says the rebrand is about more than just a name. It's introducing new menu items, and says the change is more inclusive of its full menu and new suite of ingredients.

What is Jamba's mission? ›

To become the world's leading blender of fruit and other naturally healthy ingredients. Part of what makes Jamba Juice so successful is the passion both our customers and employees share for the product.

Does Jamba use real fruit? ›

Juices and smoothies

Many of Jamba's smoothies and juices contain fruit juice blends, which are made from fruits like oranges, apples, pineapples, strawberries, and bananas.

Does Jamba still exist? ›

For over 25 years we have been bringing the whoa to your whirl'd and the fresh to flavor with our smoothies, bowls, juices and shots. Now you can also taste the impossible with our snacks or stay chill with iced bevvies. Find your nearest Jamba or order ahead, you know you just gotta.

What is the Jamba Juice scandal? ›

Woodland, CA – April 24, 2023 – On April 21, 2023, Jamba Juice LLC was ordered to pay $143,000.00 to resolve a statewide case brought by the Yolo County and Santa Cruz County District Attorneys' Offices contending that Jamba Juice advertised misleading, or potentially misleading, discounts on its food and drink ...

Why did Jamba Juice change their menu? ›

Jamba is modifying its juice and smoothie offerings to align with current health trends. While Jamba's classic smoothies will still be available, the brand's new menu will emphasize juices and smoothies formulated with plant-based milks and sweeteners over dairy products and sugar.

Why is Jamba Juice declining? ›

Juice-maker Jamba expects same-store sales to decline; shares dip. (Reuters) - Smoothie store operator Jamba Inc warned of a 3.4 percent fall in comparable-store sales in the current quarter, mainly due to a slowdown in consumer spending, sending its shares down 9 percent in after-market trading.

What happened to Jamba Juice stock? ›

Jamba Juice is going private. The 800-unit brand known for its smoothies will be acquired by Focus Brands. Focus Brands will pay $13 per share, a 36 percent premium to the 200-day trading average of $9.50 that adds up to a $200 million sale price.

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